Protecting your infrastructure, assets and collaborators is our priority


You conduct operations in varied and complex geographical contexts.

You need to redefine your organization’s general risk management policy to support its international development.

GRIMM Partners contributes to securing your organization by identifying your needs, evaluating your risks and optimizing your processes.

Risk management

International deployment

Operational support

Your staff frequently travel abroad: guaranteeing their optimal level of security is paramount.

You wish to equip your organisation with solid tools and be able to develop a relevant communication strategy in the event of a crisis.

GRIMM Partners is committed to working with you continuously, from logistical support to the management of your communication process.

International deployment

Crisis management, Negotiation


All of our areas of intervention can be the subject of specific training modules, tailored to the diversity of stakeholders involved: managers, local or expatriate staff, partners, etc.

These training modules can be delivered in France as well as abroad.


Discovering new tools, reinforcing knowledge: we will share our skills and expertise with you

Flexible support

Whatever your requests, we will adapt our service offer. Hotline, urgent inquiry: our team will work alongside yours and will be fully available to fulfill all your needs and meet your expectations taking into account their degree of urgency.