Business intelligence, data monitoring and analysis: manage your activity with our custom-made interactive platform

A multi-functional monitoring platform tailored to the specificities of your industry

Consult country or maritime-related data (incidents, exposures) processed and geolocalised by our team of specialists. Acquire in-depth knowledge regarding ongoing developments in high risk areas. Select a period, a geographical area or a type of risk and get a quick and sharp access to information deemed relevant to your activity.

Intelligence, monitoring: supporting you in your decision-making process

Our mapping tool allows you to quickly visualize all the information collected and integrated into the platform. With only a few clicks, access all data on a selected country or geographical area, sorted and selected based on your needs:

Gain access to double-checked information regarding zones or industries you have particular interest in. Periodic updates can be made according to:

Correlation & analysis: a genuine risk management tool

Our platform is designed to keep your risk exposure under control. We identify threats and measure your vulnerability to them. Our geographic information system as well as our statistical and monitoring tools give you access to key indicators:

You can directly add and update information related to your activity, which is then correlated with those provided by our monitoring unit.

By customizing your display options, you can follow the evolution of a situation in time and space (timeline, evolving heatmap, gathering of the information and customer data).

Communicate easily with our team

A customized form is included in our interactive platform. Send us your requests directly and stay in touch with our team. You can:

In order to answer your urgent and specific inquiries, a hotline can be set up according to the needs of your organization.

If you would like to: